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resident of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas "Abu Mazen" welcomed our Inmstitution'... More

Organized by the YMCA in Jerusalem in collaboration with the Basic School of  Industrial Islami... More

ِA group of women "Almrabotat in the Al-Aqsa Mosque" cook food and present it to students... More

Police organized an Iftar at Industrial Islamic Orphanage with an oocassion of Palestinian Police ce... More

Palestinian Women's Associations participating students from the inner section of orphans and sp... More

Organized theatrical comic meaningful to entertain the inner section of the orphans and social speci... More

One of the activities of the academic year 2014/2015, it includes honoring outstanding students in t... More

The Dinning Hall prepared by funds from our goodness people from 1948, and a contribution of Awqaf M... More

Gallery for some of old pictures from 20th century. More