Vacancy Announcement
Vacancy Announcement

The Industrial Islamic Orphanage Institution announces the need to appoint a mentor on a contract to work in the internal housing according to the following qualifications and conditions:
1. Bachelor's Self-Counseling or Mental Health or Psychology from a recognized university
2. High communication and communication skills
3. Maintain privacy and confidentiality of cases
4. Ability to run workshops and awareness lectures
5. Proficiency in the use of the computer and its programs
6. Holds training related to the job
7. Ability to withstand work pressure and work within a team
8. Preferably to be a resident of the area
Tasks and skills
1. Psychological and collective counseling for orphaned children
2. Field work through home visits and institutional work
3. Family and community education
4. Dealing with psychological trauma and special situations
Applications will be submitted to the Department of Administrative Affairs of the Insttution in Al-Azariya from Tuesday 25/7/2017 until the end of the next Sunday, 30/7/2017.